I was just talking to a client about creating a video for them. The question came up about using a Teleprompter or not. I will tell you from my experience that a Teleprompter is usually a good thing!
When you see a video and it looks spontaneous, it’s not. They are using a teleprompter and have done lots of prep. They have run through the script many times and know where to pause and where to use jesters, smiling and voice inflections etc.
I have attached a video from Anchor Media Studio in Washington, MO. It explains what the benefits of a teleprompter are.

10 Tips in Using Teleprompter
1. Scriptwriting – It is going to be spoken out loud. The written word and spoken word are different. When talking we tend to use I’ve not I have or I’ll not I will.
2. Practice – This will make it look like you are not reading it
3. Energy and Passion – Show enthusiasm, you are trying to excite whoever is watching.
4. Smile – This will help you connect with your audience
5. Eye Contact – This also helps you connect with your audience
6. Use Body language – You must move, you don’t want to look like “Deer in Headlight”, Use facial expressions and hand motions if you generally talk with your hands.
7. Don’t Shout – Talk as if you are speaking to one person.
8. Don’t follow the TelePrompTer – The operator will follow you and your speed of speech .
9. Don’t Freak Out – Remember your message and if you make a mistake…that is what editing is for.
10. Enjoy Yourself – Have a good time. Being in front of the camera does not have to be scary!
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