Branding with video increases retail websites conversion rates by more than 30%, and product videos and demonstration videos influence people to make buying decisions. In fact, experts predict that video presentations will soon account for up to 90% of all Internet traffic. As a business owner, trainer or manager, you can enjoy a larger percentage of these sales by communicating your marketing message more effectively. Five steps to better communication and branding efforts include the following tips for video marketing:

1. Credibility builds trust. Trust Increases Sales.
Engaging trust could take years in personal relationships, so marketers figured out how they could create a sense of trust with three-minute videos, this dramatically closing the gap of a sales cycle. Of course, creating complete trust becomes an impossible goal, but you can begin the process and build on it by following similar strategies across all your marketing efforts. Use fewer words but make them count. You can establish authority by showing montages of superior design work, catering jobs or before and after photographs showcasing your skills or products.
2. Be Concise and Memorable
Digital storytelling becomes increasingly important since many searches use mobile devices and mobile users have limited attention spans. Brands and products must tell their own stories, and you choose robust narratives to describe them. If a product requires too much narrative, it will not work in the format of a general promotional video. Choose quality over quantity and explain one product clearly instead of trying to include dozens of possibilities. HTML links in text offer solid contacts for viewers to find additional information.

3. Take Control of the Dialogue
Stay on target and craft a careful scenario that leads to inevitable conclusions. Don’t say that you are the best designer in the country, but explain that you often receive calls for complex and unusual projects from government agencies, fellow designers and builders of conspicuous public projects. In this case, you lead clients to conclude that you handle challenging design needs and are the go-to designer for these kinds of projects. The important thing is to make clients remember you in flattering ways instead of trying to get them to recall all the details of your video.4. Define Your Target Audience
Narrow your projects by prioritizing the value of sales. Some sales generate higher profits from lower revenues, so you might want to promote popular goods and services instead of more exclusive, expensive products. Several targeted videos with clear scripts and strong calls to action work better than expensive, polished videos that try to target everybody. You might target business owners, stay-at-home caregivers, restaurant buyers or trend-conscious teenagers. Know your market and target it so that your branding with video message connects.

5. Use Memorable Names and Benefits for Branding with Video
Find ways to tie your product to your company, website address or distinctive keyword sets in case viewers forget the details. Create a product-profile personality that people remember. If you offer a complex service, tie it to a competitor so that people understand what you do, but you should make a strong case for your product to distinguish it from the competition. Get people and staff to use the same strong descriptions or unique tag lines to reference your message and brand your product indelibly in viewers’ minds.
Keep your videos short, concise, memorable and topical to generate higher returns, stronger links and better returns on Internet searches. Branding with video makes more memorable impressions on busy consumers

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