Video production is how we get face to face with clients in the 21st century, but before the internet, I would actually meet clients face to face(now that’s an interesting way of doing business?!). The excitement in my voice during that meeting was my “Why”. Today most of us don’t meet face to face any more. The personal touch and excitement is lost in a text or email. Now we are relying on our blogs, websites and videos to do that work.

Getting your clients or customers to buy your service or product depends on your ability to give them a compelling reason to do so. When creating an Introduction Video of your product, the script needs all of your “Why” enthusiasm.

In Simon Sinek’s TED Talk video shows you the difference between your “What” and your “Why”. Basically everyone has a what. That’s the reason you are in business to sell your product. However if you give your clients the why you sell your product is becomes extremely more interesting and compelling.

Example: We make a great widget, you wanna buy it? (Your “What”)
My passion is making your life simpler and along the way I found a widget that will not only save you time but it’s beautiful and fun to use. I know that when you see it you will love as much as I do!!! (Your “Why”)

Think about your life and what makes you buy the things that maybe you don’t need. It’s the excitement and the enthusiasm of the delivery. You need it now kind of reaction.

I know there are probably thousands of TED videos but this one stuck with me. Simon makes a good point about your “Why”. It can be contagious to hear someone’s “Why” and makes you want to be part of it or that you have to have it.

As you are deciding what your next marketing strategy is going to be, consider spending time on your “Why”. Let Pro One Media help you create the 21st-century face to face marketing today!

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