What should I say?

Here’s another one of those questions we get from people who are going to be in the corporate video we are shooting. Many people are nervous about using the right words, phrases, and inflections. And most of the people we work with aren’t on camera on a regular basis, so it’s understandable when they aren’t 100% comfortable. But, having a little knowledge about what you are getting into ahead of time can certainly help calm some fears. Video production can be a scary thing! AND remember video editing is a life saver. We can always make you look good.

What Kind of Video Is It?

The type of video you are shooting is definitely going to impact what you say and how you say it. Is the video scripted? If so, will you be memorizing or using a teleprompter? Each one has benefits and drawbacks, but you can certainly prepare yourself for either. Are you being interviewed in the video? This is a more casual approach and you should treat your responses as such. We shoot both kinds of videos, so here’s a glimpse into ouhttps://vimeo.com/89655028r process and some tips to put you at ease in either case.

The Tutorial or Talking Head Approach

  • First of all, just know that we will be bringing in several pieces of professional equipment. Some people expect this, but it can also tend to be a little daunting for others.
    Corporate videos are very common place in today’s world. Using a script and a teleprompter is usually the best way to go in this scenerio. Most times this is your first exposure to being in a video. It is a little daunting! You’re staring at a big black box, there are several lights shining on you and now you are expected to perform. Suddenly you don’t know anything about your business or product! All of your thoughts and words have left you. Your script and our teleprompter can stop this from happening.
    Let’s talk about the script for a minute. Prepare…Prepare….Prepare…. Writing an article and writing a script are two different animals. There are a few things to remember
    • The spoken word is much different than the written word. Read your script out loud in front of the mirror. If you are having trouble getting the words out, now is the time to change your script.
    • Keep it simple and to the point. Remember your audience does not know your product as well as you.
    • Practice reading it several times so that you are comfortable with the message

The Interview Process

You will not have to look at or “talk into” the camera. One of us will just be asking you questions (interviewing) — basically, we will just be having a conversation with you. You will keep your eyes on the person off camera that is asking the questions.

  • Our questions will not be in the video. So, it is helpful if you restate the question in your answer. If we ask, “How long have you lived in Scottsdale?”, you should respond, “I have lived in Scottsdale for five years”, not just “Five years.”
    • Don’t script your answers ahead of time. The questions will be ready for you to go through. It is fine to prepare and get a good idea of what you will be discussing, but when you script your answers, it sounds forced, not conversational.
    • If you don’t like what you said, we’ll just take another pass at it. No pressure.
    • We may ask you to answer a question again or say things a little differently. We often ask people to condense what they said in 30 seconds or less. It doesn’t mean we didn’t like what you said the first time — it just means we’re making it work for the video.
    • Just relax…you know what to say. It is your story, your business, your job, your life. You know it best, so trust that you’ll do your best when talking about it.

You’re in Good Company
You’re not the first one and you won’t be the last one to be a little nervous when it comes to being in a video. In fact, there are times that people leave an interview session unsure of the value of what they said. But I can’t tell you how many times someone has seen their video and said, “You made me sound like I know what I’m talking about” or “You actually made me sound smart.” So, have some confidence in yourself. Most likely, you’ll find you know just what to say.


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